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Automotive design

This project was developed in collaboration with SEAT Technological Center (Martorell). It strives to create a comprehensive new Low Cost vehicle adapted to cover the requirements of a particular social profile. Developed from Seat Arosa package and based on its structural characteristics, dimensions were restricted. An extensive research on social profiles was conducted to find out the appropriate one for the car.



Project Manager:

Jose Ramón Méndez (Director EUDI)


Project Coordinators

Jon Solozabal

Pablo Fernández

Álvaro Deibe


Collaborator Company:

Jaume Sala Renart

(SEAT, Diseño interiores)

Carlos Martínez Medina

(SEAT, Infraestructura y Desarrollo)


Project Development:

Antón García Seoane

Efraim Nieves

Adrián Santos

Nacho Sánchez

Iván Couso.

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