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The "MUSH-ROOM LAMP" is a sustainable lamp that brings nature to design. It is displayed in a range of 3 lamps with the same design but different dimensions. Them make different functions: stress prevention, pillow and seat.


The "Lamp Mush-Room" project born due to the current social and environmental needs. The original idea also was oriented for enjoying nature at home, creating a relaxed and innovative environment.


Its design is inspired by the shapes made by the mushroom "Morchella esculenta".

It generates its own energy due to an internal dynamo.



Project coordinator:

Eduardo Guillén Solórzano (Administración y Organización Industrial, UDC)


Project development:

Antón García Seoane

Jorge Arbelo

Dani Crespo

Pablo G. Reino

Kike Castro

Brais López

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