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ROKdesign was created  in 2012 by Anton Garcia Seoane, with the ambition to make a name in the world of industrial design. We are specialized in the field of designing spaces.




We continually reflect on how people use the furniture at home, in the office and in the urban environment, as you can see in our product portfolio. It is not a lonely journey. ROKdesign professionals collaborated with such a great professionals as Carles Riart and Diego Slemenson (Jorge Pensi Design Studio), and currently with Jordi López (Kutarq Studio), Deyanira Carreon and else.



We are devoted ourselves to art and industrial design projects, and fortunately, companies are considering our creative ability and success.



The office is located in Barcelona, ​​at Sant Agustí 5, where we cohabite with UNTALLER, Pepe Cortes Asociados SL, Jordi Sàbat disseny, lamirilla22, isim, and XCOLO.



It goes without saying  that you have our doors open.

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