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Product design

DEERY is an unique walker deer that offers 4 modes of play: Push and go, Rocking, Push and walk, Ride on. Thanks to ist transformation features, DEERY can be adapted to different needs of children between 6 and 36 months.


Its shape, inspired by a deer. According to its configuration, horns can serve like handlebar as well as protection, adapting to the child´s age. The tail plays the role of the backrest, and has a convertible handle.


Equipped with the "Paint & Learn" system in order to stimulate the child's creativity and promote fine motor skills development. The surface of the object can be used as a board for any age group. It can be painted and easily erase. Specific markers and eraser are included and can be stored in a compartment under the seat.



Project development:

Antón García Seoane

Deyanira Carreón

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