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Technical Engineering in Industrial Design

Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development

MBA in Furniture Design

All my life I have been a concerned person and demanding of myself, at the same time. Over the years I've been able to channel all that energy into a creative attitude towards life.

First, I discovered personal fulfillment to express myself artistically. This led me to demand from myself  a little more every day and be able to learn new ways and techniques of expression.


The art (through illustrations and murals) and technical (technical and industrial design) sections rallied me both to businesses and acting with passion.


That discovery has a name: Industrial Design.

Actually, this discipline, and all that are contextualized with, make me enjoy my work, because until today I have been trained  in different fields of design.


This training makes me a highly qualified person to perform both technical and creative work.


I wish to be part of the social change that brings the design and contribute to it by my wits, skills and motivation.


Antón García Seoane

Antón Seoane
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